Freelance Online Python Tutor (Class 9-12) - India

India Freelance Tutoring Remote

Nagwa is excited to announce their Programming with Python course for class 9-12 students in India. Our live, online tutor-led 12 session course will run from 22nd April 2024, with one 75 minute after-school teaching session per week. We are now hiring outstanding freelance online Python programming tutors with proven previous experience with large tutoring organisations in India. Tutors must be able to commit to teaching the entire 12 session course.


  • Conducting online interactive sessions for students through our Nagwa Classes for Educators app on a Windows PC or Mac.

  • Presenting our pre-prepared lesson materials in a clear and memorable way.

  • Running engaging activities to ensure effective learning outcomes.

  • Guiding students through a series of examples and dealing with their questions.

Job Specifications

  • Tutors are needed for Programming with Python aimed at students in grades 9-12.

  • Mandatory - a relevant Bachelor’s degree or higher, and over two years proven teaching or tutoring experience. Mandatory - previous experience tutoring class 9-12 students online in Python programming for large tutoring companies in India.

  • Mandatory - flawless written and spoken English, and highest levels of subject knowledge.

Job Competencies

  • Effective verbal and written presentation skills, with clear handwriting.

  • Excellent time management.

  • Accountability and task ownership.

  • Attention to detail.


  • This is a temporary contracted, remote, freelance position.

  • The compensation is ₹ 800 (INR) per session delivered, billable on a monthly basis. This covers session preparation and delivery using the materials that we provide.